Circus Acts

Providing high quality circus acts is at the heart of what we do. We consider them the centre piece of your event therefore we have an inexhaustible network of circus artists to choose from with each act providing a stunning, polished performance that will captivate your guests.

...We also love to create shows around the circus acts, producing themed shows with a tapestry of other performers including choreographed dance numbers, acrobatics and aerialists to create showstopping, bespoke productions.

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Acrobats are a versatile act that can be performed in most settings from the high street to the red carpet and as a comedy act or as a graceful artform. They can be balancing troupes of 5 people or more, Acro duos who perform hand to hand or solo acts using hand balance canes. We also have high energy acrobats who will tumble, trick, somersault and backflip to amaze the crowds with their skilful performance. When these guys are themed, it's a winning combination making these performers the best Christmas elves, pirates or even superheroes!


Audiences will never be disappointed when an aerialist is on the bill. We will make sure this act is perfectly on point to suit your event with a tailor-made show taking care of costumes, music and with our extensive knowledge on those all-important safety elements, we naturally offer our expertise on rigging.


Contortionists are a real talking point. They can be booked as an ambient roaming act or as a main focal point making them a great choice for any type of event from product launches to private parties.

Cyr Wheel

One of our more unique acts, this type of performance is not a mainstream act making it a great choice to wow your guest with something they have never seen before! These artists display incredible skill and will impress the crowds with their graceful act as they glide effortlessly around the stage in a flawless choreographed routine.

Fire Performers

With a variety of options, Fire Performers can be booked for small or large events. Solo fire performers will impress a smaller crowd and our well-rehearsed duos or troops will provide an epic showstopping performance ideal for big stages, music videos or outdoor events.

Hula Hoopers

Hula Hoopers are a great form of family friendly entertainment and lend themselves well to any theme. They can be booked with LED hoops, multi hoops and we also offer fun hula hoop workshops for fun interactive entertainment.

Walking Globe

As circus acts go, this one of a kind performance is a must see! Combining hula hoop skills with globe walking, this stunning performer will raise the roof with unparalleled talent. With a giant glittery ball and multiple hula hoops, the Globe Walking, Hula Hoop act which lasts about 8 minutes, can be tailored to any theme.

Circus Stilt Walkers

What better way to greet your guest than with one of our costumed stilt walkers. Head over to the full page here

Foot Archery

If you’re looking for a dangerous act with a high dose of glamour and sophistication, look no further than our foot archer. Unique and highly skilled, this act will have you on the edge of your seat as she undertakes a series of choreographed shots from her bow and arrow never missing her target!


Immersive and engaging, Jugglers can be booked as walkabout entertainment or as a main act. These well versed circus performers always have many strings to their bow therefore we will be happy to offer you another type of circus entertainment later on in your schedule such as a unicycle act or a fire show.

LED Cube

For something a little different, our cube spinners are the perfect headline act. We offer a range of cube props from fire cube to Laser cube or programable LED cube & pixel cube. The pixel cube enables us to program the LEDs in order to write customised wording or imagery which will be clearly displayed during the show making it perfect for brand launches, birthday celebrations, baby gender reveals or even marriage proposals!!


Unicycle acts are an age-old circus artform that will captivate your guests as they effortlessly glide around the stage. You may choose to book them for a more immersive experience and have them cycle in and around your guests. Unicyclists can be presented as a comedic act or as a daring act with giraffe cycles as high as 10ft tall!

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