Our most popular themes are 'The Greatest Showman,' 'Rio Carnival' and from the roaring 20’s, 'The Great Gatsby' but we offer so much more so take a look below to see some other great ideas. However, if you have a particular theme in mind for your event and you don’t see it below, let us know so that we can arrange it accordingly either from our diverse wardrobe department or as a custom-made piece.

Rio Carnival

Explosions of colour, energy and sheer unadulterated entertainment, our Rio Carnival shows are guaranteed to inject a thrilling element to your night. Brazilian Samba dancers, live Carnival drummers and an exciting display of dance and martial arts fused together and performed by authentic capoeira acrobats will ignite your event in a stunning performance bonded together in a fabulous Rio Carnival production. We also offer our Carnival Stilt walkers and fire performers to elevate your event to the next level!

For more info check out our Brazilian Carnival Shows here

Showstoppers | Brazilian Carnival Show | Samba Dancer

Great Gatsby, Flappers, Roaring 20’s

Quirky, sophisticated, glamorous and fun, this theme never gets tired and is ideal for Peaky Blinders, Roaring 20's and Speak Easy so come and join us to explore an immersive, sensual update on The Golden Age - a whirlwind tour of Art-Deco, Burlesque, Cabaret & cross-dressing, gin and jazz and the glory days of the prohibition. We love to mix it up adding a variety of acts that loan themselves well to this vintage era such as tap dancers, hula hoopers, contortionists and burlesque acts for a total Vaudevillian experience.

Find out more about about our Great Gatsby, Flappers & Roaring 20's dancers here

Showstoppers | Great Gatsby Show | Five Dancers Finale

Greatest Showman

Ladies and Gents, this is the moment you've waited for. We offer the ultimate in circus themed entertainment with an abundance of circus artistry entwined within clever choreography to showcase death defying aerial acts and thrilling fire performances giving your event the warranted title 'This is the Greatest Show!'

Entertainment can be tailored to include Glitter Make-up Artists and Roaming Champagne Tables for the guest arrival followed by Circus Performers and Walkabout Entertainment such as Contortionists, Jugglers or Fire Eaters. You can also choose to have choreographed dancers, circus themed stilt walkers, and even our Greatest Showman Aerialist and Ringmaster who will host the event and sing songs from the blockbusting movie.

It is the perfect theme for any event be it an outdoor family event, corporate event, birthday party or awards ceremony.

Find out more about about our Greatest Showman dancers here

Showstoppers | Greatest Showman | Dancers, Fire and Aerial Performers on Stage

Arabian Nights

Seductive and enticing, let your guests be taken on a magical journey to Arabia with our mesmerizing performers. Belly dancers & snake charmers, fire eaters and our unique themed globe walking hula hoop act; we have it all!. Increase your package with magicians, sword swallowers, knife jugglers and aerialists for an immersive event full of eastern promise.

Find out more about about our Arabian Nights Dancers here

Showstoppers | Arabian Nights | Hula Hoop Fire Dancer


A range of acts can be hand-picked for this popular theme including aerialists, singing waiters, roaming champagne skirts, dancers and stilt walkers to name a few.

Showstoppers | Masquerade | Masked Dancer


For overstated glamour, our Hollywood Showgirls decked out in Gold & diamantes fit the bill perfectly. They will grace your Oscars themed event along with a Marylin Monroe look-alike, Charlie Chaplin or even Tom Cruise. Magicians naturally lend themselves well and are a great form of walkabout entertainment. We also have aerialists, glitter make-up artists to give your guests some sparkly Hollywood glamour and no Hollywood themed event would be complete without paparazzi to photograph you and your guests as you step onto the red carpet.

Showstoppers | Hollywood | Four Hollywood Showgirls

St. Patrick’s Day

From Irish Dancers to themed Stilt walkers, we can provide this with our own stunning in-house costumes. Why not go all out and book our Irish acoustic musicians too to a real Paddy's Day knees up?

Showstoppers | St Patricks Day Theme | Two Irish-Themed Dancers

Las Vegas

The sky is the limit with this theme so let us provide you with an entertainment package that will pull out all the stops. Rat Pack Singers, Party bands, Glitter Make-up artists, speciality Cirque du Soleil style acts, fire breathers and naturally our glamorous Las Vegas Showgirls will be the cherry on the top.

Find out more about about our Las Vegas Dancers here

Showstoppers | Vegas-Themed Events | Two Las Vegas Showgirls with Guest

Alice in Wonderland

You can hire all your favourite Alice in Wonderland characters taking on a range of immersive and highly entertaining roles including The Mad Hatter (Walkabout magician or Stilt Walker) Alice (Foot character or Ballet Dancer), The Queen of Hearts (Stilt Walker or foot character) , The Cheshire Cat (Contortionist or aerialist) and The White Rabbit (Bouncy Stilts or Foot Character) Let the Tea-Party commence!

Showstoppers | Alice in Wonderland Themed Events | The Mad Hatter

Enchanted & Botanical

Shrouded in ethereal mystery, our enchanted performers will mesmerize your guests. From Giant walking trees and talking hedges to fairy glen contact jugglers or how about our rose garden ballerinas or stilt walking unicorns? Our beautiful hand made costumes and attention to detail will win the attention of your guests from the moment they step into your enchanted event as they experience immersive and interactive themed entertainment at its finest.

Showstoppers | Enchanted and Botanical Theme | Performer Holding Two Crystal Balls

Moulin Rouge

Oozing with opulence, let us take you back in time to the revered Moulin Rouge. Our saucy Can Can Dancers could be straight out of the hedonistic cabaret revue. We also offer our stunning Moulin Rouge Showgirls to perform choreographed routines, Circus acts such as jugglers and unicyclists, aerial performers, magicians and jazz singers for a fully immersive journey to the Montmartre Quarter of Gay Paris!

Find out more about about our Moulin Rouge Dancers here

Showstoppers | Moulin Rouge Theme | Aerial Silks Performer


Elegant and sophisticated, our Marie Antoinette Courtesans will welcome you in where upon you will be greeted by an accordion player, fire eaters, jugglers, aerial performers and our incredible French mime artists who perform an engaging and light-hearted, titillating comedy routine involving unsuspecting guests to the amusement of the bystanders!

Showstoppers | Parisian Theme | Marie Antoinette Courtesans with Mime Artists

James Bond

We have James Bond lookalikes who truly engage with the guests to make your 007 themed event one to remember. Naturally we will add our Golden Bond Girls who can be presented as stilt walkers or Casino Royale Showgirls or even covered in Gold body paint. Many other amazing acts can be added to your James Bond Themed event such as an aerial silk performance, magicians, contortionists or how about our stunning foot archery act for the ultimate thrill! Follow this link to learn more.

Find out more about about our stunning Foot Archery act here

Showstoppers | James Bond Theme | James Bond Lookalike with Gun


Our Multi Skilled performers are the ideal act for Halloween offering angle grind sparks shows, fire breathing, hot wax show and other circus sideshow performances. We also offer scare actors, stilt walkers and make-up artists. Our acts can be presented for either adult audiences or as a child friendly show. Just let us know your preference and we will come up with the ideal entertainment to suit your event.

Showstoppers | Halloween Theme | Halloween Fire Performer

Christmas & Winter Wonderland

So many wonderful festive acts for this wonderful time of the year! We have giant snow globes with performers inside, snow queen stilt walkers, LED Ballerinas, acrobatic elves, roaming champagne skirts, dancers, ice skaters and the man in red himself to visit you if your name is not on the naughty list!

Showstoppers | Christmas and Winter Wonderland Theme | LED Ballerinas


Nothing says summer party more than a festival theme. We can supply you with a huge variety of festival themed entertainment from glitter make-up artists to paint your guests' faces on arrival, roaming or party bands, bongo & sax players, LED performers, unicorn stilt walkers and carnival drummers. We also couldn't let this opportunity pass us by without offering our fabulous freestyle dancers, fire acts and sparks shows to really kick off those summer vibes.

Find out more about about our Podium Dancers here

Find out more about about our Fire Performers here

Showstoppers | Festival Theme | Carnival Dancers

60’s, 70’s, 80’s

The retro age is undergoing a huge revival and we are able to offer a great assortment of acts to suit these wonderful eras. Acts can be bands & singers, roller skaters, hula hoppers, stilt walkers and dancers.

Showstoppers | 60s, 70s and 80s Theme | 80s Themed Performers with LED Hula Hoop


For the ultimate uber cool party, you can hire the perfect Ibiza themed entertainment to impress your guests. Our Freestyle Dancers are the ultimate in stylish glamour while our LED acts or fire breathers are a must see to bring those hedonistic vibes to your event. We also offer Freestyle Sax players, DJ's, aerial performers, UV paint pouring acts, glitterball acts and even mermaids!

Find out more about about our LED acts here

Showstoppers | Ibiza Theme | Female Freestyle Dancer

Under the Sea

From knife juggling pirates to real life like mermaids, these are just a drop in the ocean of our under the sea themed entertainment. We have a giant underwater roaming goldfish globe complete with a real life interactive mermaid inside, UV under the sea themed acts, Giant Zorb balls where you can interact with fish themed circus performers in them and even a giant glass water tank with a swimming mermaid inside. Jack Sparrow can grace your event with his comedic presence and we also have underwater themed stilt walkers and glitter make-up artists so there really is something for everyone.

Showstoppers | Under the Sea Theme | Mermaid Performer inside Globe


We supply various circus acts who have UV reactive costumes and props which light up beautifully in the dark with their own in-house UV lighting. The acts can be aerial artists, juggling and acrobatic duos, roller skaters or UV body paint pouring acts, ideal for Full Moon themed parties. We also offer UV stilt walkers, freestyle dancers, choreographed shows and make-up artists to complete our catalogue of UV entertainment.

Showstoppers | UV Theme | UV Performer Dressed as Mermaid


Space is a great family friendly theme where you can hire our Moon Landings Stilt walkers, space man juggler, Giant Robots, Space Girl freestyle dancers and a variety of LED Circus acts such as our LED Hula Hooper or LED and Laser Spinning cube act - head over to our dedicated LED page here for more ideas.

Showstoppers | Space Theme | Astronaut Stilt Walkers an Freestyle Dancers

Peaky Blinders

Tailoring your theme to The Peaky Blinders is a great way to step back in time and immerse yourselves in vintage glamour. That's why we have beautiful burlesque artists with opulent plumes, flapper dancers dripping in sequins and pearls and of course those cheeky flat cap wearing gangsters to charm your guests as they arrive. We even have a Peaky Blinders stunt team who can perform a thrilling, impromptu, professionally staged stunt fight scene to really bring the excitement of the popular TV show to life!

Find out more about about our Peaky Blinders Dancers here

Showstoppers | Peaky Blinders Theme | Peaky Blinders Performers and Showgirls
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