LED & Glow Acts

Light it up! If you really want to grab your guests’ attention, an LED Glow act is an awesome alternative. Keep it classical with our LED Ballerinas or check out our Glow Drummers whose choreographed performance will blow your mind! Or you might want a traditional circus act but with a modern twist such as our LED Cyr wheel performers or LED Cube acts.

LED acts are ideal for moonlight parades, Christmas Light Switch-Ons, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, religious celebrations, family events, nightclubs and festivals so whatever you are planning, have a browse through our LED acts available which are sure to electrify your event.

Glow Drummers

Book our Glow drummers for nighttime parades, corporate events, Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid or Fireworks Night for a thrilling experience for all ages. This innovative show can be scaled up or down and includes programmable LED technology combined with choreography resulting in an unforgettable spectacular of light and sound.

View a video of the Glow Drummers here

LED Cube

For something a little different, our cube spinners are the perfect headline act. We offer a range of cube props from fire cube to Laser cube or programable LED cube & pixel cube.

LED Aerial Hoop

Push the boundaries with our LED aerial hoop act. Ideal for nightclubs, weddings or festivals, this act will exceed expectations every step of the way!

LED Cyr Wheel

With state-of-the-art Photon Glow technology, our illuminated LED Cyr wheel performance is a contemporary visual spectacle. Ideal for larger stages, this premium act is both graceful and unique.

LED Hula Hoops

Hire LED Hula Hoopers for a range of events. Versatile they can be costumed to suit any occasion from contemporary 1920's vintage flappers to festival or Ibiza themed events. Our LED Hula Hoopers are also a hit with the kids and make ideal acts for evening family celebrations, parades and Christmas light switch-ons.

LED Pixel Acts

With our LED pixel props we can personalize every performance by displaying your chosen branding, company logos or messages. The programmable technology enables us to customize the LEDs in order to display specific wording or imagery during the show making it perfect for product launches, birthday celebrations, baby gender reveals or even marriage proposals!

LED Robots

Larger than life, our LED Robots will turn heads as they dance, pose for photos and help create a party atmosphere. Our robots, complete with Co2 blasters & lasers cast an imposing but friendly presence and are perfect for nightclubs, firework displays, birthday parties and private celebrations.

LED Jugglers

Our LED Jugglers are a premium act incorporating cutting edge light technology which is sure to make a huge statement at your event. With bright colours and patterns in perfect synch to an exciting soundtrack, this act will leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, we can feature your company logo or personalised messages for added wow factor.

LED Roaming Tables

A quirky and fun addition to any party, our LED Roaming tables are a great ice-breaker for your drinks reception. The tables, which we can programme to display any colour or combination of super bright lights, will circulate the room offering canapes, sweets or champagne making them ideal for any age demographic and a variety of settings. In addition we can theme the performers to further suit your event such as showgirls, flappers or ice queens for example.

LED Stilt Walkers

Hire our LED Stilt walkers to make a lasting first impression on your guests as they are greeted on arrival at your event by 2 towering illuminated performers. Visually beautiful, our LED Stilt walkers are interactive and make a huge statement so your guests will be eager to grab that instagramable snapshot!

LED Christmas Stilts

Come December, our Christmas LED Snow Queens are in high demand gracing corporate Christmas Parties and Christmas Light Switch-ons. Covered in fairy lights, these beautiful beings are the highlight of any festive themed event.

Illuminated Living Statues

Classic Roman living statues but with a modern twist, our ivy leaf and white body painted characters glow with tiny white LED fairy lights creating a beautiful scene and serene atmosphere. Convincingly realistic, our male and female living statues have even been mistaken for real statues, an accolade we are quite proud of!

Lantern Ballerinas

Graceful and sophisticated, our Lantern Ballerinas will enhance any event with class and beauty. This beautiful act is perfect for private celebrations, corporate events and product launches. The dancers perform a choreographed ballet complete with illuminated pointe shoes and lantern props creating a captivating experience for all to see.

LED Winged Ballerinas

You can book our LED Winged Ballerinas for ambient freestyle ballet or for a choreographed stage show. These ethereal performers will evoke an emotive reaction from your guests as they watch them gracefully perform their flawless choreography.

LED Samba Dancers

If you thought the Rio Carnival theme couldn't be any more exuberant, think again! We can offer you all the glitz and glamour, the feathers and sequins and now the light up version can be dazzling your guests at your next event too! For further details on the full LED Samba show complete with light up LED drummers, get in touch today!

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